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What Death Note character are you?

You are Misa!You may come off as a little goth, but you really are a lot of fun! You want to please the one for whom you really care, and would do anything for him. But don't let love get the best of you!
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Misa ist Misa, das ist ja wohl klar! XD

Which DEATH NOTE character do you identify with?


Once you set your mind to something, you most likely will do anything to have it, or to please whomever it is you desire. You are innocent but not by any means helpless; you are capable of independent thought, despite what some may think of you, and are always trying to prove yourself and what you're capable of. You want to show them all that you can help, and that you are worthy.
Misa is Raito Yagami's 'girlfriend', or so she likes to think; its kind of a one-sided relationship, which is aware of, but can be caught saying (and meaning): I dont mind being used as a tool. She models, she acts, and she will do literally anything for Yagami. Her parents were killed by a burglar when she was very little and, as the 'second Kira' she hopes to avenge them. She only became the second Kira to meet the original Kira (Raito Yagami) and thank him for killing the murderer of her parents. She will love him forever, until death do they part.
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Und(natürlich) nochmal! ^-^

Which Death Note Character Are You?

Character: You are Light Yagami. Citizens recognize you as Kira, the new "god" that terminates criminals and will soon rule over a new world. Personal: You're hot and smart and superduper serious, but I think you're an idiot.
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Light? Öööh... Misa freut sich jetzt...? Naja, dumm ist Misa ja nicht, also vielleicht ein Bisschen... ^-^

15.1.07 22:40

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